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Sidea Semiconductor Equipment (Shenzhen)
Co., Ltd(Head office)



Add:5th floor, west side of Longcheng
Industrial Park Phase 3, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Sidea Semiconductor Equipment (Shenzhen)
Co., Ltd(Wuxi)



Add:Room 910, Wuxing Building, No.280-1
Tongyang Road, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

Driving directions reference:


Self-driving route:

Navigation Shenzhen Longgang Tianan
Digital City


City to our route:

1、E5:Science Museum Subway Junction Station
heading back to Longpu Industrial Zone, get off at the
International Student Venture Park Station;

2、365:Futian Bus Station towards Pingshan, get off at
Longgang Technical College Station;

3、M447:Chegongmiao Bus Terminal towards Pingshan Niujiaolong,
get off at Longgang Technical College。


Longgang District to our route:

1、M230:From Xinbu Bus Terminal towards Minbei Bus Terminal,
get off at the International Student Pioneer Park Station;

2、M318:Shuilanwan Bus Terminal towards the Universiade Subway
Terminal, get off at the International Students Pioneer Park Station。


More national office addresses and
contact information are welcome to inquire!